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How to eliminate the rattling of your car’s engine: Solution

A car’s rattle is due to two very simple and fairly inexpensive reasons to solve.

Remember that rattling is not the same as a squeak or a clunk, as these problems can be a bit more serious and the sounds are usually drier than rattles.

The first reason for a car to rattle is due to a problem in the high voltage system:

By this I mean there is damage to the spark plugs, the coil or it could be that the spark plug wires are loose, burnt or split internally.

When this happens, the engine starts to chatter but also starts to vibrate a lot, so if you are having this problem you should check the high voltage system and rule out which part is causing the problem.

The second reason is due to a sensor called KS sensor or KNOCK sensor.

This sensor is attached to the engine and has a hole in the middle, it is very easy to recognize.

When this sensor is damaged the engine starts to rattle and also starts to show more failures.

If you want to know everything about this sensor, I will leave the video in the description.

If you doubt and think that the KS sensor is not the problem you can also test it yourself.

  • What you have to do is to remove the sensor and set the multimeter to Ohms.
  • Connect the positive to the sensor cable and the negative to the negative of the battery or to ground.
  • Now what you are going to do is to give soft taps to the sensor, if the sensor works correctly it will have to mark 10 Ohms per tap, if the value is not this one it means that the sensor does not work.

So, to solve the rattling problem you can simply do it with a little maintenance, and analyzing the problem well.

The most important thing is that you can do it yourself and at low cost.

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