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Car parts that cause problems and nobody replaces

This is an important video since lots of people have car failures and no matter how much they scan the car, they can’t find what’s wrong. Sometimes this happens not because of an electric problem but rather a mechanical one. 

You have to remember that the computer only receives a signal from the electronic parts of the car,  not from the mechanical ones

Here are some of these mechanical pieces that may cause problems and the scanner does not detect:

First and foremost (and one that causes many issues) is the gasoline pressure regulator.

This part brings many problems, especially with gasoline consumption and engine failures. When there is a problem, this piece tends to consume a lot of gasoline, good thing is that it’s super easy to test if it works or not. To do so, we simply disconnect the hose and turn it on. It shouldn’t spill gasoline, if this happens, the regulator isn’t properly functioning.

Another part that gets damaged and the scanner doesn’t detect is the cylinder head. This piece can give many headaches, since when it is damaged we will always go around changing a lot of things, only to find out that, in the end, it was the cylinder head that was at  fault.

So whenever you have a problem with oil consumption, gasoline and loss of power and you have already checked and changed everything, most likely you have a problem with the cylinder head

The third part that can cause problems is the fuel pump, more specifically the pressure of the fuel pump, because this part does not go through the scanner. When the pressure of the fuel pump drops, the engine most likely will start to have problems, similar to when an injector doesn’t work.

And finally, another issue you may encounter are  voltage rises or falls. These are more complicated to solve because it is not something easy to notice or detect. To do so, we need a multimeter and to examine the situation and the faults that the car’s presenting.

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