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5 failures that cause pulling, vibrations and low engine power. It shakes when accelerating

Today we’ll be talking about 5 key pieces that can make your car shake and lose power when accelerating.  

Let’s talk about each of them and why they fail, but remember that the maintenance of your car can really improve your engine, and if there’s a mixture of air and fuel, it could either improve it or make it worse. 

1 – Spark plugs

They’re located  in the combustion chamber and they are in charge of turning on the mixture required for the engine to work properly. This is why you must replace it and calibrate it every time your car needs it, and for that we should check it on with a mechanic.

2- The acceleration body

This component is responsible for gradually opening and closing the outside air so that it enters the engine and mixes with the fuel. If the central cover is dirty or has problems opening or closing you could face the following problems:

  • -Power loss.
  • -Problems to accelerate
  • -Car shaking at high speeds
  • – Or the engine could stall in idle gear

3- MAF sensor

This sensor records the exact amount of air that passes through the filament. If the sensor is dirty or not working properly, the signals that are going to be sent to the computer will not be correct and this will cause problems when starting, you will have breakdown errors or explosions when accelerating.

4- PCV valve

This is a positive crankcase ventilation valve that controls engine pressure and helps release it.This valve prevents vibrations, oil leaks or straining of the engine.This is one of the causes of the engine vibrating. You can replace it easily, as its price is quite low and it is worth preventing any further issues.

5- Air filter

This is something basic that you should change every fifteen thousand kilometers. Remember that if this filter gets dirty, it will prevent the passage of air and its circulation through the engine, causing it to work much harder, offering less performance which could cause:

  • -Vibrations
  • -Unstable functions 
  • -And even overheating

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