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NEVER this way. This will blow head gasket

The repair of the cylinder head can be cheap or expensive, for that reason I am going to tell you what you must have in good condition so that the gasket does not blow and also to protect the cylinder head because it is an expensive repair.

The head gasket is damaged for several reasons, the first one would be:

A thermostat problem.

The thermostat is a mechanical part that works by opening and closing. If the thermostat malfunctions, it will not allow the water to circulate to cool in the radiator, so the temperature will rise too high, putting the cylinder head gasket at risk. 

A thermostat can last up to 100,000 kilometers and they are quite inexpensive, so there is no excuse for not doing preventive maintenance or replacing it.

The second thing would be the radiator cover:

If you realize, it is a part that nobody takes into account but that can cause overheating, a radiator cap lasts a long time, so it is not superfluous to replace it and it is quite cheap. 

Also remember that you can have overheating problems because of the cap, but since the scanner does not detect it, it will drive you crazy. 

When you change it, make sure that it is of the same weight as the one you had, because if you put any other one on, it can cause damage, and you will think that the cap you bought does not work.

Lastly would be the water pump.

This part lasts much longer and is more expensive than the thermostat or the radiator cap, and it is also more difficult to install it, the good thing is that before it is damaged it gives a warning, giving symptoms that it is malfunctioning.

I recommend you take a hose off the pump and test how the circulation is going.

The water pump lasts over 60,000 miles, so if you damage it and replace it, you know it will last a long time.

You also have to take into account the type of coolant, you should use one that does not evaporate so much.

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