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How do you know if the catalyst is clogged?

The catalyst is an important part of the exhaust system of a vehicle, since it limits the emissions of contaminating gasses into the atmosphere. But if the catalyst fails, it will not perform its function properly and may cause an abnormal increase in emissions and poor performance of the car, leading to a breakdown.

This is how we know if the catalyst is clogged:

First of all – Power loss

One of the most obvious symptoms of a bad catalytic converter is a poor engine performance. Mainly seen with the engine idling and during acceleration and It occurs when the combustion process is not done efficiently and the fuel reaches the catalyst without burning.


When soot clogs the catalyst cells and blocks their operation, exhaust gases cannot pass through easily and increase pressure, resulting in overheating of the engine. This soot sometimes comes from the oil that enters the exhaust system and burns on the catalytic converter.

Hits on the catalyst.

It must be taken into account that the ceramic mesh of the catalyst is a fragile component, so that an impact can fracture it. This is a serious problem, since detached pieces can clog this piece.

the floor heats up

This is the most dangerous thing that can happen, when the catalyst is clogged you will feel a strong heat coming out of the gear lever and the handbrake, so much so that it can melt the carpet. You must be very careful as you can set the car on fire!

It’s never a waste of time to check this piece, this can save us some money and it’s part of the maintenance of our car.

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