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Camshaft sensor: failures, codes and solutions

This sensor is next to the camshaft and its function is to help the vehicle’s engine control module (ECM) to synchronize with the fuel injection and the ignition sequence of the coil. When this sensor fails to work it can totally affect your car’s performance.

These are the principal damages that it may cause to your car:

1 -First of all – The engine pulls

This is very common when the camshaft sensor starts to fail, since a greater or lesser amount of fuel is injected into the cylinders, causing power loss when you’re driving, or causing the car to suddenly speed up and slow down, due to an incorrect PSI reading from the camshaft sensor failure. 

2 – Engine shuts down while running

While driving, the motor can suddenly turn off or even get stalled, and this is because there is no signal from the injectors to send fuel to the engine cylinders.

What you have to do in this situation is to put the hazard lights on, park aside and try to restart the vehicle.

3 – High fuel consumption

If you notice your car is having any of the other two failures and it’s also consuming fuel very quickly, it’s due to a bad reading of the camshaft position sensor, injecting more fuel than necessary, causing a waste of it.

4 – Difficulties starting the vehicle

A damaged camshaft sensor will cause difficulties starting the car, this is because the signal that is transmitted to the car’s ECM is weakening, so there’s no ignition spark. 

5 – The Check Engine Light comes on

This light can come on for many different reasons but there’s a possibility that it is from a damaged camshaft´s sensor. This indicates that the car’s computer (ECM) does not recognize when a valve is opening or closing. That’s why I recommend scanning the ECM to see the error codes shown for a proper diagnosis. 

6 – Poor acceleration

When you’re driving you will notice the car feels forced to accelerate and it will not be able to go over  60 km / h. When this sensor begins to fail, it affects the signals to the engine control module (ECM) by injecting too little fuel.

And last, but not least – Transmission problems

In some car models, the transmission remains blocked and does not allow you to make changes, sometimes it also doesn’t allow you to accelerate beyond a certain speed. To solve this problem we must replace the faulty sensor. A temporary solution is to turn off the engine and wait 15 minutes to start the vehicle, but the problem will eventually appear again, so I recommend replacing it. 

How do we solve the problems in the camshaft position sensor? 

The solution is simple,  to replace the sensor for a new one, it is not expensive and you can do it yourself without having to go to a mechanic, it will take you less than 10 minutes to do it.

And that’s gonna be for this video. Thanks a lot for watching and don’t forget to leave all of your questions and doubts down below. Until next time!

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